>> " Question of believe " / installation >>

roses on floor, video on wall ---- (the painting on wall is from Tom Fruchtl )

residency "Mutation" / collective show - BWA Galery- Wroclaw






>> video-animation "you make my head turn around"

Question of believe

installation, roses fraîches, pièce avec entrée unique

You make my head turn around

vidéo-animation (4:3), couleur, muet, 3’40“


The work of Nelly Massera deals with mental cliche, which we all use while living,

loving, writing letters or just thinking.

She likes installations, which allow the viewer an independent search, in order ti

find links between particular elements, demanding autonomous decisions, or even

courage. Thus, she shows a projection made of swiftly-changing animated pictures,

which magnified (reinforced and compressed) are projected onto a gallery

wall, where, at the same time, the floor is covered with roses. The projection of

hardly recognizable colorful images (pictures from magazines?) called «You make

my head turn around», throws viewers off balance. They cannot be sure what

they actually seen, all that is left are semi conscious impressions.

Nelly Massera also plays our unconscious motivations in the installation «Question

of belief». The blood-red roses create a scented carpet on the gallery floor, leaving

visitors with no option but to step on them. the only choice left is whether to

tread on the red or green part of the flowers...


Ania Mitus - BWA gallery